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Lakeside In The Press

The good word about us continues to spread! Here are recent publications that have talked about us.


San Francisco Examiner


As much of a tourist destination as Lake Tahoe is, the residents of the area also find time to have fun at a few gaming establishments. One of those is the Lakeside Inn and Casino — known as “the local’s place” — which for more than 20 years has been a South Shore staple.

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Lake Tahoe News logo


No wonder Lakeside Inn is a favorite with locals. Good food, excellent prices, fun dealers, great guest service. And no wonder tourists and locals like to stay there. Reasonable room rates, spacious hot tub, outdoor pool that isn’t visible from the highway, walking distance to lots of things."

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Diablo Magazine logoDIABLO MAGAZINE

"Latin Soul, tucked into a corner of the Lakeside Casino, is the creation of Chef Alvaro Ochoa, a native of Guadalajara who’s gone pan-Latino with his menu of out-of-control guava–habanero chile ribs, juicy rib-eye and tangy-spicy chimichurri sauce, rich achiote pork taco, tender home-made beef empanadas, and buttery corn bread pudding, to name just a few of the must-tries. And whatever you do, do not forget to get the Latin Soul margarita – two shots of tequila, agave nectar instead of sugar, and fresh lime juice."

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Ski Magazine logoSKI MAGAZINE

"The Lakeside Inn, a cozy casino in Stateline, might seem an unlikely place for Latin Soul, a Latin fusion restaurant offering one of the regions most distinctive menus. Goodies include zesty Peruvian-style tuna ceviche, Venezuelan-style maize pancakes and Salvadoran pork chops with nopales (cactus pads cleaned of spines). Don’t miss the mojitos braced with mint."

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In August of 2009, Tahoe Quarterly put out their "Best of Tahoe - Tenth Anniversary" publication and featured our Chef Alvaro in the "Top Tahoe Chefs" section.

Here is the write-up he received: "Alvaro Ochoa, Latin Soul - This 21-year veteran at Lakeside Inn uses flavors from Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean at his restaurant, opened in 2008."

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Sunderland Echo logoSUNDERLAND ECHO (UK)

A UK publication called Sunderland Echo featured us in their March 2010 publication.



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