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Guest Memories of Lakeside Inn

It is bittersweet to read these memories our guests have shared with us in response to the news of our permanent closure.

  • I just found out about the Lakeside Inn closing, and am deeply saddened.  We come to Lake Tahoe every summer and have always made it a point to play in a poker tournament at the Lakeside.  It was fun seeing the locals and other employees who were consistently there.  I wonder where those locals are going to end up?  It was bad enough when the downstairs restaurant changed hands and they stopped making those most amazing tacos and incredible salsa, but now to have the whole place close is really sad.

  • Shocking! For many memories were made here. My children are well in their 30’s great memories having breakfast next to the glass window and our server was always happy & attentive.  My last stay was with my beloved pet Gizmo who passed away a year ago. I was thrilled to hear that pets were welcome when I inquired. We had a blast and a trail directly to the Lake, who could ask for more. Saddened to hear this! Thanks for the memories! Maria

  • I am saddened to hear of your closing.  My family (sisters and their families, Mom and friends) loved staying at Lakeside more than any other place.  There is just something special about the Inn.  Just far enough away from the big casinos.  We had so much fun in the pool and of course in the Casino.  The food was always delicious and the dining room so nice. Good luck to you as I am sure this is very hard for you also.

  • Lakeside was my favorite casino to play black jack lucky lucky every time that I could come up to play. I also enjoyed the comps that you gave me. It is very sad that you are closing.  I hope that someday someone will purchase the property and start it up again.  I'm bummed.

  • I visited Lakeside Inn for the first time at the end of February 2020, while on a ski trip in Tahoe. Ate two fabulous meals at Timberline! I loved the old time music, the great service, and of course the FANTASTIC food! The homemade soups were outstanding! I was seriously considering buying a vacation home in the area in order to be able to go to the restaurant more often! I'm so sad for the terrific, friendly employees and the loyal patrons that made it a really neat place to visit.  Amie Hartnett, Arlington Heights, IL

  • I celebrated my 21st birthday at then Harvey’s Inn,  August 27, 1980 when the bomb exploded at Harvey’s.  I thought I would be celebrating at one of the South Shore big 4 but was so glad to end up here.  Loved the food, the small feel and my luck was pretty good too.    The food was even better back then when there was a keno writer in the restaurant (for those of you that remember brush keno!).  Kept coming back to the Lakeside because I will never forget it was “Always friendly, Always fun….Always”.  Alan Kamada

  • As a Colorado resident/skiier, Lakeside Inn alone, renewed my multi-decade skiing 'career', Tahoe as well - winter & summer.  I came to the fortunate acquaintance of many long standing employees, looked forward to enjoying their individual vibrance in a place from my first visit, seemed too good to be true; from Patty to Daisy to Mike to the front desk, the bar and back, etc., many others in between I wish them all well and thank Lakeside Inn for the guest opportunity unequaled, anywhere!  This, from an extensive traveler.  Now... what do we 'Lakesiders' do?  Bill Kiefer, Evergreen, CO

  • Such a heartache to see this! Me and my family would always go have dinner there and it was our destination point to celebrate whatever the occasion was that brought us to Lake Tahoe. The Timbers will be greatly missed.

  • This is such a bummer, We just recently found your great place this past year, we were staying at a timeshare down the road and came across your restaurant. Lets just say after our first visit we came back two more times in the same trip. We had planned to visit Lakeside Inn many more times. We told everyone we knew about your cozy place by the lake. We are so sad for all the memories we wont be able to make there now. Good luck to everyone.  - Chris

  • I have so many memories, that it is hard to pick just one.  Many significant life moments.  But of all of them the very best one, was back in 1998 when you still did the big New Year's party.   Though that wasn't the only New Year's we spent there it was the best.  Food was great,staff were great, music was great... but the kicker were the people that attended this party.  As the evening progressed and the band played, people visited between tables, mostly about the music being played.. "Oh i loved that song, do you remember  (another song name)"  Or "who sang that song?"  There were a couple that took a while to figure out.  Remember this was before smart phones.  Different genres, different years... For whatever reason I came up with a song from My Bestfriend's Wedding.  It was " I Say A Little Prayer" I couldn't remember the title just parts of the song, didn't know who did it originally (Dionne Warwick) but all just had some lyrics and asking if anyone remembered the movie.  The question moved through a lot of the room, finally someone came up with it... and then everyone did  and there was a spontaneous singing of I say a little prayer (band was on break)  It was great...all these strangers.. and it felt with that that they weren't strangers anymore...   That was the thing with Lakeside Inn when you stayed there, it always felt you were coming to stay with friends.  The staff was always so welcoming and friendly.. People that stayed there were friendly.. So many good times there... This is definitely sad news, like an era has come to an end.  You always think you have more time to do things, like staying at Lakeside again, prime rib again....   It's been a great ride.... sorry to see ya go.

  • We're so sorry to hear you are closing.  We have been coming to Lakeside Inn for over 20 years.  We love Lake Tahoe and were married here overlooking Emerald Bay.  We have so many wonderful memories of Lakeside Inn and the wonderful times we have had here.  So sorry to hear this.

  • Memories of Lakeside Inn ripple across millennia.  Your humble writer remembers when it was Harvey's Inn and the Big Four at Stateline were Caesar's, Harrah's, Harvey's and The Sahara.  The Safeway market was tiny and if you wanted to stay in to watch a movie, you could rent a Rent-A-Beta video cassette player.  Time marches on and soon The Sahara became The High Sierra. About the same time Harvey's Inn transformed into Lakeside Inn.  Then a few years later, goodbye High Sierra, hello Horizon, morphing once more into the Hard Rock hotel and casino.  And while the stateline was the epitome of glitz and glamor and big name celebs, through all the changes Lakeside Inn was the sanctuary when you needed to get away from it all while you were getting away from it all.  Dare we hope for a rebirth, a new era?  Never stop dreaming, everyone.  See you in August.  Joe Ekaitis, Rialto, California

  • We are so sad that the Lakeside Inn is closing!  My wife and I enjoyed our stays there over the years.  The Inn was beautifully styled and decorated, the rooms were quiet and comfortable, and the restaurants were wonderful.  I remember one weekday afternoon when my wife and I were the only ones playing at a Craps table, and another visit when we shared a suite with a double shower and a hot tub!  We will always fondly remember the Lakeside Inn!  Sincerely and Sadly, Charles and Janet Miller

  • This is a very sad situation.  We really loved to go to Lakeside Inn, it was our favorite place. Everything about it was superb. My son Ryan  Moore really loved working there.  He made some great friends, and had wonderful memories.  We will never forget the people who worked there they are incredible. Lakeside Inn is a legend that won't be forgotten. Sincerely Denise Moore

  • We have been coming to your place for years. So much fun. Staff is great. Love the local people. Always felt welcomed. Won money too! Food was great!  Going to miss our trips in the Winter & Summer! Roger & Kathy

  • We were so sad to learn this news. We have been guests at our favorite hotel for all of your 35 years.  We always requested the same room(s) 204, 205 to sit on our balcony and breathe in the fresh Tahoe air.  For the last 4 years, we have had a blue bird come near us to welcome us!  I have a great picture of the time he sat on our balcony rail!!  The food was always great & employees were too!  We enjoyed video poker at the bar & hit some pretty nice jackpots!  We're hoping and praying that someday you'll reopen!!  Please!!

  • I am extremely sorry to hear of your closing.  I live out of state, and have not been able to come to your casino as much as I would have liked. I did get to stay with you a few times, and each time was very enjoyable. I enjoyed your restaurant, rooms, and casino.  I made a couple friends there about 4 years ago. Amanda, and Linda. I was looking forward to seeing them again next summer. I will often think of the two of them. They made my casino playing an enjoyable time. They were both very pleasant. If the casino's open again I hope to find them next year.  Again I am sorry you have had to close your doors. I'm sure you will be missed by many. Take care.

  • You were our home for a week in October 2017.  What we'll miss the most: early dinner nearly every day at Latin Soul and The Timbers.  Those pancakes every morning.  A place to recharge after a day's visit to places like Virginia City.  We'll always remember that week.  Joe and Cathy Ekaitis, Rialto, California

  • This is truly sad news for us.  We live “down the hill” just past Placerville, and over the past 20 years, Lakeside has become a welcome retreat for us as often as we could get there.  We enjoy the stay, we enjoy the play - both will be missed — but the saddest part for us is losing contact with the people who were always a positive part of our stay, and really made us feel “at home.”  When we get surveys on our return from a Vegas sojourn, they always ask things like “from one to ten, how true is this statement:  this casino feels like home to me” and I just roll my eyes.  How ridiculous, we think.  So we were both more than a bit blindsided by the realization that, on hearing the news that Lakeside was closing, we both felt that we were, truly, losing a home away from home, a piece of family.  “Permanently” is a very permanent word, and leaves us feeling quite bereft.   There are so many people we will miss:

    Sandy, ubiquitous on the floor in so many different capacities — who once in our early days (when the nickel video poker progressive was upstairs before it moved to the half-downstairs, and then up again) we witnessed organizing a casino birthday party for one of the daily players we dubbed “the Bobs”… and another time giving funeral information for someone, and another time wedding news.  That was our first indication of the true nature of Lakeside.

    Suni, our always go-to waitress at Latin Soul and then at Timbers, and her cohorts, who filled in when she was off, and always remembered that my husband Joe wanted diablo sauce on his French toast…

    My husband Joe Harvey’s "brother from another mother” Mark Harvey, who always stopped by to chat…

    Pam, who usually had a good bear story to go with the drinks she brought us and the folks we met playing the progressives:  the Bobs (when they came in in the old days, and always sang along with gusto when “Love Potion Number Nine” came up on senior days), Connie and Bernie (who would bring Bob along once in a while after he moved), and Frank, who was always silent when we played near him at Montbleu years ago, but became a fun play partner when we ran into him the last few years at Lakeside.

    It’s always the people.  And we will really miss the people who made our Lakeside experience the joy it always was. 

    We wish you all the best, and hope (against hope) that we will find ways to bump into each other again.  Thank you all for the good times, and the memories.  Joe and Kathy Harvey, Rescue, CA

  • Lakeside was my first job. Lakeside was the place I met the love of my life. I spent my lunch breaks smoking cigarettes with all the other employees. Lakeside reminds me of the time when things were simple. I will miss it because of this.

  • My sister and I first visited your Inn and Casino a couple a years ago for my 50th birthday.  Having recently moved to Sacramento, this was the first time in years that we visited the South Tahoe area.  The rooms were nice, the staff were friendly and the casino was not overcrowded, like in some of the big casinos.  We also liked the food at the restaurant and the view out the windows.  We are going to miss staying here when we visit Tahoe.  I wish the best for Inn’s owners and staff.

  • There are so many wonderful memories. I recall the Lakeside Inn when the Casino and restaurant occupied the top floor and the lower floor held business rooms. My late husband and I visited Lakeside Inn whenever the California Superior Court Clerks' Association held conferences in Northern California. One year, the professional group held one of its conference dinners at the Lakeside Inn's Timberlake Restaurant. Over the years, at this same restaurant, we experienced so many delightful menus and delicious food. I continued going to Lakeside Inn to cash-in on my October birthday booty bag. Where else would I receive a T-shirt, dinner coupons, gambling coupons and gift shop coupon? Of course, we didn't keep Lakeside Inn to ourselves. Happy to report that my parents were able to experience the ambiance at Lakeside Inn. After my husband's death, the family wanted to keep the Lake Tahoe tradition alive. I was known as the "flower lady" to Patty and her wonderful cleaning team. Who will forget Dasi, who welcomed everyone with bright smiles and hugs as if we were family? Over the years, it was Pam Wheeler who made it so easy to set up our fall vacation and insure a comfortable stay. My sister and I plus my niece and her husband visited last October and had a grand time. Of course, we enjoyed our time at the slot machines and tables. I was pleased to see that it was the Lakeside Inn where I first saw women assigned as dealers and pit bosses. At the bar it was Lisa, tiny but mighty, who told us about local history, as she prepared our drinks. Our farewell is bittersweet, but we want to send a great "Thank You" to all of our friends at Lakeside Inn. God bless all of you.  Teresa Delgado, Proud Card Member

  • I love working at lakeside for the last 7 years. I’m super sad to hear it’s closing it’s doors. Lakeside always treated there hard working employees right. Everyone had always treated me with respect. It really is a end of a chapter in my life, so much memories, with friends and family. Always loved working late and grabbing a beer with the boys. It definitely it will be some of my cherished times in my life. Love all the people I worked with, and I wish the best to everyone. Jackson.

  • I am so very sad.  Everyone should have a ‘Happy Place” where they can escape and Lakeside was that place for me.  After I moved to Chicago 25 years ago I continued to travel  several times a year to stay at Lakeside, most times never even leaving the property for the entire trip. Lakeside always treated me so well and made me feel like a local.   I met so many wonderful people there, both employees and players, and I couldn’t begin to pick a favorite memory.  Thank you for everything, and I wish you all the best of luck.  I will miss you guys so much!  Nancy Wrede

  • My parents own a home up in Tahoe. so I've been going to Lakeside for years.  I love that it was a cozy casino compared to the bigger ones down the street.  I always preferred to go there.  The employees were always so friendly and it felt like home.  My late husband and I got married up in Lake Tahoe on August 8, 2008.  We spent or wedding night at Lakeside.  After the wedding, we had dinner at the restaurant and gambled for a little while.  It was a great evening.  I'm going to miss Lakeside!  Deanna Nelson

  • I started going to South Lake when I was 21, mostly with my then-boyfriend. He taught me how to play blackjack at Lakeside, enjoying $1 cocktails after a day of boarding. We broke up a few years later, but then reconnected in 2018. We’re engaged to be married - our original wedding date was actually this past Saturday and obviously that didn’t happen... thanks, COVID-19. We are so completely sad that Lakeside is closing, but our memories from 20 years ago to this past winter will be with us in our new life forever.

  • My family and I were so very sad to hear this news.  A family group would come up every year to celebrate various birthdays, several of us would stay at Lakeside (always my favorite place to stay).  Pam was always so helpful in getting us rooms where we preferred.  I’d come up with a couple of friends and family usually twice more each year, we enjoyed it so much.  People who worked there were always friendly, and remembered us.  We liked seeing the same servers in The Timbers, we loved that place, same bartenders when I played video poker, especially Kevin, the friendly blackjack dealers who always made it a fun time.  So many great memories of being at Lakeside, it will be missed.  Good luck to everyone who worked there and made it such a fun place to be.  Hilary O’Brien

  • So sad to hear you will have to close the casino and hotel after so many wonderful years in Tahoe. My son, David Bowes, known to many at the Spots area as “Super Dave”, spent many years making friends and just being apart of your casino. He worked for Caesars and Mountblu for eighteen years until his death twelve years ago. His Dad and I enjoyed eating and playing the slots with him at Lakeside over the years. I am sure he knew many of your employees who worked there for so many years. Your establishment will certainly be missed by many. M. Bowes

  • My husband and I stayed there on our 1st anniversary 40 years ago.  Every year our family goes for the winter and we always make sure we go there for the Prime Rib and Lobster meal.  We loved your breakfast too.  A lot of good memories we will surely miss going there.  Best wishes.

  • I loved the view. The outside pool & jacuzzi. The great cabin - like rooms with the wood walls and timber trees on them too. Rustic & nice... the Lobster dinner was pretty tasty too...nice memories...K. Mattos

  • Not another casino in Nevada that had the atmosphere and welcoming vibe that you did Lakeside.  Seriously bummed, live in Washington and you have the draw to get me to South Lake Tahoe... Jason Rowley

  • Best prime rib with al dente vegetables, $2.99 shrimp cocktails. The BlackJack crews - Winner, Winner, chicken dinner - Lenny, Sandy, Diana, Michelle and Dan-O, As advertised Michael ‘Mr. October’, and ‘veintidos adios’ Roberto, long time cocktail crew of Annette and Clara, Sabina and Stacie, Curt and Curlie, Thanksgiving day traditions will never be the same. Birthday Tees.  Always Friendly.  Always Fun.  ALWAYS.  Don & Dave Wenig families

  • I’m heartbroken!  We never played at any other Casino!  Just so sad!  I bet a huge name Casino will pick up Lakeside in a heartbeat.  Probably already has.  Oh and the poker room!  My very first poker tournament was played their I think!  It’s a sad day.  All the best to those employees and friends!  Cheryle

  • It's sad to hear that Lakeside is closing. I have fond memories of dinners and events there. I'd specifically like to say to Sandy, Tara, and Pam - thank you all for the awesome service, quick chats, and always ready with a smile. I will miss you all. The say when one door closes, another opens. I hope for you that the door opens quickly and brings you much happiness. I hope our paths cross again. Until then - take care - stay healthy and safe - Laurie H.

  • We lived in nearby Skyland for close to 30 years and loved to eat and dine at Lakeside.  Lakeside Inn had the best food selection and we loved the people who served us and took care of our needs.  We moved to Southern  Calif for medical reasons and we miss all of you.   THANK YOU! Victor and Liz Beelik

  • I am totally bummed about the closing of the Lakeside Inn.  My family and I have been going to the Lakeside Inn for 30 years.  I am really sad.  Love that place and have only good memories of staying there.

  • We are so very sorry to hear this news.  We lived in Reno from 2015-2017 & always stayed at Lakeside Inn when we came to Lake Tahoe.  Our fav memory is one time that it had snowed quite a bit already & we sat in the hot tub with more snow falling softly around us.  We always requested room 210 & got it. We loved how it overlooked the golf course & offered total privacy. We had many great nights eating at your restaurants, playing blackjack & having cocktails.  Thank you for the great environment & wonderful staff that always made our stays feel like a home away from home.  All the best to each of you.  Kindly, Greg Timmerman & Rhonda Hammock

  • My wife and I have been coming to the Lakeside 2 or 3 times a year since 1991.  We became friends with Luke and Ron and Steve in the Race Book bar, and also John, who once comped us a room when Echo Summitt was closed and advised us not to leave.  We always enjoyed the bar in the Timbers, and even though we had 5 or 6 months between visits, Rich and Rick would always remember what our before dinner cocktail was.  My wife won Lakeside Lightening once, and I loved my time in the Racebook.  We were always treated kindly, and it was a home away from home.  We will miss it greatly.   Marty and Jo Redman

  • I'm sad to hear this. About 8 years ago my daughter and I were taking me 80 year old Aunt home to Modesto and she wanted to stop and stay at Lakeside Inn. She had fond memories of staying there with my Mom & Dad so we stopped and got a room, went in and ate and played some then went back to our room, which by the way I loved the decorations! Anyway about 11pm we were getting in bed and she pops out of the bathroom and says I'll be back later I'm going to go play, you guys go ahead and sleep. Well ummm no, it was icy between our room and the casino so we were going to walk over with her and she said no that's ok we'll just go to bed. I told my daughter she's going to try and sneak out, I've traveled to long with her not to know her tricks. So Aunt goes to bed and my daughter made her a little bed by the door. Sure enough Aunt went for the great escape only to step on my daughter! She said we were mean and she wasn't treating us to breakfast, I said that's ok as long as your safe and not walking around out in 20 degree weather! I believe this is also the trip that she lost her false teeth and my daughter started laughing hysterically because Aunts teeth were smiling at her from her Pepsi cup! That woman was a riot!!! I'm glad for the memories my daughter has one of the famous little bears from the gift shop. I'm going to miss stopping in there time to time it was a good little casino and place to stay. Thank you for the wonderful memories!  Mari

  • Lakeside will always be remembered by the bartenders. To Paul, Kevin, Eddie, and Rob Lowe from the Timbers bar. Ya'll are the best bartenders this town could ask for. Thanks for always keeping us entertained and knowing our entire names... Hope to see you at another bar soon! Sean, Hollie, and Natalia Maria Veronica Wieczorek

  • My son, Gordon Ritter, was an employee of Lakeside Inn for 12 years before his sudden death in 2010.  Lakeside Inn's staff was very helpful in explaining the documents I needed to complete.  Management hosted a "Celebration of His Life" for his family, his casino guests and staff.  This was extremely gracious on their part and overwhelming in it's recognition of my son as an employee.  My unending thanks to management, staff and casino guests who attended and shared their caring for Gordon.   Most sincerely,  Elizabeth Ritter

  • Thank you for the wonderful memories! You will never be forgotten. 

  • I’m heartbroken!  We never played at any other Casino!  Just so sad!  I bet a huge name Casino will pick up Lakeside in a heartbeat.  Probably already has.  Oh and the poker room!  My very first poker tournament was played their I think!  It’s a sad day.  All the best to those employees and friends!  Cheryle

  • Thank you for all the beautiful memories.  When I first read this, I literally started balling.  I made my first snowman like 10 years ago, around age 42, in your parking lot.  We loved being able to walk 10 feet to the hot tub or actually open the windows in clean and nice place.  On my birthday, we were upgraded to a suite and we loved that too.  Once my partner forgot to tell me he hid my jewelry under the bed.  I didnt even know it was gone, when I got a call from the local police, who had gotten the bag from the security and the maid.  We picked up the bag and went right to Lakeside to thank everyone.  They just considered it part of their job.  In 2014, that was rare.  The delicious french toast special was also a treat.  Everyone was always friendly and glad to see you.  We were planning a trip for May.  I just hope everyone who worked there feels the love we all have for you.  Laura Tambellini, Marin county, CA.

  • We were so sorry to hear of your closing.  For so many years we have loved your casino, restaurant and hotel. Always exceptional friendly service. We aren't big gamblers but always enjoyed playing at Lakeside. Timber's restaurant was awesome. Loved the fabulous French Toast. Best of luck to all Lakeside staff......................Thank you from the Maxwells

  • Yippes, I hate to see you guys go. Every time we drove up over the Kingbury Grade from Minden we would stop at Lakeside.  We would have dinner, do a bit of gaming and relax some. We always came back with some dice and cards from your gift shop. The guy in the gift shop would just love to chat about the old times- it was great. I have to admit you had really great food without the glitz, general confusion and long waiting lines of Harvey's and Harrah's. The other thing I liked was you represented the classic style  Inn of Lake Tahoe like the Cal-Neva Lodge up at North Shore state line.Your Inn was a very comfortable place to be. The one thing I regret is not taking more pictures of the Inn and playing for our last time. I assume the owners are retiring or moving on to new ventures. Are any plans for what the Inn will become next?  Carl  and Joyce Lampert, Sonoma Wine Country, CA

  • I had a job as key man at Harvey’s Inn when it first opened in 1974, 46 years ago this summer. That was back in the day where players inserted coins and pulled a handle. Many players played enough to need to wear gloves to protect their hands. It did a very good business when it first opened - a sister property to Harvey Gross’s Harvey’s down the street. Bob Maddox

  • So sorry to hear! You were always good about sending me emails and I was going to go back once this was over! Best of luck in whatever you do next....Kathy Briseno

  • Devastating news. The Lakeside is a second home to us. We come at least once a month and spend several days at a time. We love the charming, homey feeling. Generations of our dogs have stayed there with us, been greeted by everyone as if they were honored guests, walked in the meadow and even had their ashes placed in a favorite spot nearby. We had our special room which Patty cheerfully got ready for us. We were treated like friends.  I can't pick a single memory, there were too many over the years. It seems inconceivable that there will be no new ones made. We were lucky to have been there right before they closed. Who knew that would be the last time?  Thank you to all our friends at the Lakeside. You made it the wonderful place it was. We are thinking of you and will miss you greatly.  Karen and Cliff Wedge

  • My brother and I both live in Washington state and have been staying and playing with Lakeside for over 20 years.  We were truly saddened when we got the news. Such an amazing little place, everyone- staff and customers always in a positive mood. Loved pulling up to the blackjack table watching hockey between hands and talking with all the dealers and pit bosses- super friendly.  The waitress staff incredible, another ice cold beer was always on the way, totally on top of it many different occasions.  Both our wife's are sad as well, it was just a given that when we went to Tahoe we stayed with you, same room when we could 107.  My brother and I would get your lakeside lightning alerts and we'd call one another and try to convince the other to bail on work and hit the highway towards lakeside.  We'll hold out for a miracle that it somehow reopens and everything stays the same. Thanks for everything, Craig, Jen, J and A

  • Best of health to staff and players!  I'm devastated because there goes my favorite escape and the only casino where I played in town for all these years!  So many many many fun times!  There goes my Friday night date spot with my husband Rudy.  I will dearly miss the Lakeside Inn and all of you I've come to know so well.  Vicki Gonzales

  • We are so sad this has happened. Stayed many times after a day at Pope Beach. We would come up from Shingle Springs for a day in the sun, and then head for the Tavern Bar for an evening of fun and games. Always a great price on rooms as well. Thank you to the entire staff for the good times, and best of luck to you all in the days to come!  Michael & Diane Stone

  • I am heartbroken to hear that my favorite casino in the whole world is closed. I vividly remember the patience, kindness, and respect that the dealers always showed me. I learned from Laz how to play craps and am forever thankful. I would look forward to treating myself after finals by playing at Lakeside Inn. So thankful for all the wonderful birthday memories there. I will miss the tables, the delicious food, and most of all most wonderful people who worked there.  - Aparna (Sacramento, CA

  • It is with sadness that I read about your decision to close.  Lakeside has been “our place” for 10 years or more, being the only place we would go at South Shore.  We had family board meetings, anniversary weekends, and even a few day trips up from Sacramento there.  We enjoyed hours at the games, had many great meals, stayed several nights in the Inn.  I was sitting at the blackjack table on the last hour of its operations, quite by accident, as we couldn’t get over the 50 to get home that day, and stayed with you that night.  Little did I know that would be the last session.  One of our greatest joys of our stays was seeing many familiar faces behind the tables, or in the restaurants and service areas.  Your staff made us feel like family, and this is the reason we kept coming back.  We have all felt loss during this virus shutdown, but this is one of that we will truly miss.  Sincerely, Craig and Nancy Kirchhoff

  • Thank you so much for the memories over the years.  Lakeside Inn was so kind to myself, friends, and family we were all so very sad when we heard the news.  A few of us talked and were wondering if any of the great memorabilia around the Inn was for sale.  If so, we’d love to hear about what we could purchase to preserve some of the memories we made with the great staff there.  Thank you so much.   Daniel Alvarez

  • We are so sad that The Lakeside is closing.  We have been going there for twenty years.  We celebrated Anniversaries, Birthdays my husband would do the Bicycle Death Ride and we would stay with you.  We loved because we had everything we wanted a good restaurant, gambling, very quiet  awesome employees that would bend over backwards to keep us comfortable.  Once that we were there the air-conditioning failed the staff immediately brought us fans we were given coupons for food and drinks. It was just awesome. We were planing to go this will have to see where we can find something there that will meet our needs.. we like nice quiet and to have access to everything used to have at the Lakeside.  Tom and Tina Reynolds.

  • We loved visiting The Lakeside iNN EACH YEAR AS WE VACATIONED AT Lake Tahoe.  We had many fine dinners at the Timber Restaurant and as our family grew up, We all enjoyed playing slots and table games at this lovely spot.  We have 5 children and we all remember the fun times we shared together at Lakeside Inn.  We will miss all the friendly staff and good times as we plan on going to Lake Tahoe again this year in
    August.  So sad to see you close.  The Shapiro Family

  • We have been coming to the Lakeside for many years, long before we moved here permanently 7 years ago.  We used to come to the Timbers for the wonderful food and enjoy a little slot play or blackjack every 3 to 4 weeks.  My husband was diagnosed with metatastic stage 4 cancer last year and has been receiving chemo, so we haven’t been in for over a year. His biggest motivation as his sense of taste is coming back and he’s feeling better was to go to the Timbers for prime rib and lobster. You can imagine how sad we are.  The staff at the Lakeside has always been the best part of the experience, making it truly a local’s place. There are so many employees that have been so wonderful to us, feeling like good friends.  So many names I  can’t remember, but Gabriel and Narinder and John in the Timbers and Leslie at the blackjack table became good friends. We worry about them, and their families, as well as everyone at the Lakeside. This is a devastating loss to them, and to us, as well as our community.  Good thoughts and prayers for all of the Lakeside family,  Jan, Gary and Mike Moughler

  • This is absolutely horrible news. I lived on the South Shore for eight years in the 1990s and always had a ball at the Lakeside. Made me feel home. Me and my buddy Al Pedigo would hit that place after the bars closed in California.  God bless all you sweet souls. Be proud of the smiles you brought.  Tim Traeger, Former managing editor, Tahoe Daily Tribune

  • Greg and I are saddened to hear this news, but we understand why the decision was made.  We will miss the excellent staff, the friendly casino and the restaurants.  We wish our best to the employees that have lost their jobs.  Thanks for all the memories!!!!

  • Sad to hear this.  MANY great memories over the years with friends and family.  Sometimes staying there and sometimes strolling through the meadow from the campground to get a good meal and do some gambling. I wish everyone there the best and THANK YOU for the memories.

  • I am so sorry to here this, we enjoyed are stay with you and enjoyed the slots.  I hope maybe you will be able to find someone that will reopen this establishment

  • I was shocked and saddened when my mom told me this news this morning! I can't even begin to tell you how many great memories I have, going back to when it was Harvey's Inn and my parents would take me there to eat and let me play Keno while we waited for our food. 

    The very last night I spent in Lake Tahoe as a resident, before I moved to Vegas, was at Lakeside Inn. It truly was a favorite hangout, whether we were playing nickel Keno or Poker to all the times we listened to our friend Buddy Emmer and his band playing up on stage by the Sportsbook nook, to the delicious sourdough bread in the restaurant, to the awesome crafts fair held downstairs back when they were convention rooms (every December we still put out (and already have out) things that we purchased at the Lakeside Holiday craft fairs. 

    The people were great! Frank and Paz and so many more... crushing on Gordon as I played slots, comped packs of cigs that they would bring to you, did I mention the amazing sourdough bread in Timbercove?!

    Memories of rolled coins and slot buckets and hand wipes! I got really good over the years of dropping in coins (5 for Poker, 4 for Keno) super fast! It was a place you could walk into and see a friendly face and go find your favorite machine and relax and forget about everything. **My Mom, a friend and I used to play video poker together sometimes and if one of us ran out of nickels, whoever had the most credits had to cash out and share their nickels until eventually the last person had none.  We laughed a lot during those times! 

    I am so saddened for the employees and the patrons who will never get to make new memories there. I consider myself lucky, as I have more memories than I can count of that awesome little place! I even worked there for a short time when I was about 17, in the audit dept, which I loved and learned so much more about casinos behind the scenes.  *You could smoke at your desks back then. Can you imagine?!

    Lakeside Inn - Thanks for always being there for me/us, day or night, snow or shine and to all of the wonderful people who made it what it was...Thank you!!   Teri Wheelock, Sharon Wheelock (My Mom), Lou Wheelock (My Dad - RIP)

  • “TIME AND A HALF - ONLY AT LAKESIDE” Thank You Mike for that quote which will ALWAYS be associated with every BlackJack we hit! (we even made t-shirts) The always friendly staff and welcoming environment will be missed. Definitely the best place to win (or lose) in Tahoe!! ‘nuff said…  Tom, Nancy, Troy, and Michelle.

  • We are heartbroken by this news. What an incredible loss. I cried real tears thinking of not being able to go back to ‘our place’ for bachelorettes, getaways, and best friend reunions all to come in our futures. Such real memories created at Lakeside. Wonderful staff, genuine friends made, the best prime rib deals & location possible! Poolside, any side, and every time was amazing. The Babysitters Club will miss lakeside inn & casino forever.  WE LOVE YOU

  • We grew up visiting our aunt and uncle, Peggy and Dave Warswick on Kahle Drive every summer. The Lakeside Inn's prime rib dinner was always a part of a visit! I even brought my husband there years later. We love Tahoe and the South Shore community and you'll be missed!! Thanks for the memories.  -Stephanie from Sacramento

  • I'm sad to see you are closing. We stayed there in 2001 for our wedding at the Ponderosa Ranch. Our wedding guests stayed there too. My memory is your pool bottom that had the Harvey's wagon wheel with the skull. I miss that logo since they stopped using it after the bomb in the eighties. It was great seeing it again. Besides that, your slot machines in 2001 were coin operated. We enjoyed the Wheel of Fortune ones that would say Wheel of Fortune out loud. You had the best breakfasts, so much fun playing Keno while eating it! Great memories & much sadness it's going to close.  Willow & Mark Allie, Tracy. California

  • I have so many memories of The Lakeside Inn and Casino. I guess starting with how exhausted we were when first moved behind the casino and walked the .9 miles from the house after being flatlanders our whole life. Then winning just short of 10k$ a dozen years later.   Memories include:  Christmas parties, Getting  to know most of the employees as friends, The timbers bar turned into a defect Red Sox bar for a few years Sam Adams $1.00 during Sox games Winning 3k and 4K on “Bennie”, Winning 10k on the buffalo machine.

    Many big jackpots including the two pictures below, being paid on my first ever big win by Sonia. The second one being “struck by lightning” is a story of its own.   Lightning:  So whenever the lightning would get above 9k,(must pay by 10k)  we would of course play more. In November of 2015 it was a a warm fall so after we played a little before breakfast then we went out the Zephyr Cove tennis club for some tennis. Leaving the courts, I mention to one of my friends about the jackpot having to pay off that day, he says he might join us later to give it a shot. I brag that if we win, steak dinner tonight.  

    So I head back over, and play a little more, Tricia gives up and goes home, I play a little more, then walk home myself. I pull the website up to see if it had hit, and monitor it for a couple hours then head back as it gets above $9800.   Tricia says she will be right behind me. So I go downstairs to my favorite “Buffalo” machine, and watch the door for her arrival....about 20 minutes later i get a text from my friends that they are playing upstairs and she is with them. About 5 spins later, I hit the lightning, get paid off as in the picture below, and then walk upstairs. I talk to one of the employees who I have befriended for a few minutes before I walk over and announce that we are having steak dinner. We did have a nice steak dinner, but that’s not all it paid for.   That year was my mom’s 90th birthday on December 25. She was living in an assisted living facility near Palm Springs, CA. I rented a house for the month of December in Palm Springs, went and rescued mom from the assisted living  and invited friends and relatives to come stay during that month. It really was a fantastic month. All because of getting struck by “lightning".   Thanks to all the employees of the Lakeside, you will be missed as a group, but I hope to see you all around town in the future.   Ray Fugitt, Carson City, NV

  • I want to express my appreciation to Lakeside management and staff for their consistent support of our community and schools.  Every single time we asked if they could host our Safe & Sober Graduation fundraiser they not only agreed, but provided our donors door prizes.  They always made our events something special.  Our LOCAL casino was always there for us and will be missed.  The views expressed herein are my own and are not intended to reflect the views in my position as a Douglas County School Board Trustee. Best Regards,  B Keith Byer

  • Hi. I moved to Lake Tahoe in February 1996. I was taking a “leave” from my job in Santa Barbara and to hang out for a winter with my boyfriend. I got a job at Sierra-at-Tahoe helping little kids ski at Wild Mountain. My boyfriend and I went to Lakeside Inn to cash our paychecks because we got a free drink! We were in our twenties, carefree and always had a great time hanging out. Eventually we got married, had kids and we’ve now been here 24 years. We’ve continued to go to Lakeside Inn for lunches, dinners, work related meetings and every time, we always see smiling faces, friendly staff and wonderful people.  A random note is that my parents, who passed away many years ago, spent a weekend at Lakeside when it was Harvey’s Inn in the 1970’s.  We’ll miss you Lakeside.

  • It goes without saying that the "Side" was a great place! Back in the day, the $1 drinks, killer prime rib, great little economic breakfast.  But the staff shine brightest, dynamic folks in all dept. After shift you could always find a friend at Lakeside.  For the record I met the women I love most in this life at the Lakeside. A swing shift 21 dealer, Lovely & Beautiful she was. All the best to the staff, management, and ownership. Be happy, Healthy and enjoy all life's best.

  • Just wanted to say we have been coming to South lake Tahoe for many, many years. Usually about 2 or 3 timesw. Always look forward to gambling and dinning at Lakeside. Sorry to see you go. We will miss you immensely.  Thanks for great meals, gambling and service you provided for us the last few years!  TOM & DARLENE

  • We are so sad to hear of the closing of the Lakeside Inn after so many years of being a part of our community.  My fondest memories of the Lakeside Inn was how they consistently supported the local schools and their events.  One that comes to mind was the Class of 2013 Grad Night Poker Tournament.  Lakeside Inn graciously opened its poker room for the school to hold its Poker Tournament.  Turns out I was pretty good at poker and the last two standing at the end of the tournament were myself and Ray Sidney.  Oh how I wanted to be the winner!  But alas, Ray pulled out a one card higher hand than I held, to which I graciously took second place to Ray’s first place win.  We both donated ALL of our winnings back to Whittell High School’s grad night event.  Great memories, too many to mention here, but a huge THANK YOU to Lakeside Inn for always being a huge part of our community.  We will miss you.  Linda Neil, 27 year resident of Stateline, NV

  • Hi. I moved to Lake Tahoe in February 1996. I was taking a “leave” from my job in Santa Barbara and to hang out for a winter with my boyfriend. I got a job at Sierra-at-Tahoe helping little kids ski at Wild Mountain. My boyfriend and I went to Lakeside Inn to cash our paychecks because we got a free drink! We were in our twenties, carefree and always had a great time hanging out. Eventually we got married, had kids and we’ve now been here 24 years. We’ve continued to go to Lakeside Inn for lunches, dinners, work related meetings and every time, we always see smiling faces, friendly staff and wonderful people.  A random note is that my parents, who passed away many years ago, spent a weekend at Lakeside when it was Harvey’s Inn in the 1970’s.  We’ll miss you Lakeside.

  • I will miss Lakeside. It is/was my favorite South Shore operation. Friendly staff, loose slots, & great food. Now all that's left is the big corporate operations. No more hometown feel.

  • Very sad to hear the news.  My wife and I from Phoenix visiting  several times each year since the ‘90’s and have always enjoyed the laid back atmosphere and local hangout, the always friendly staff (cheers Kevin!). It just won’t be the same without Lakeside.  Best wishes and hopes for our tahoe family to prosper in the future, Debi and Ash

  • We are sorry to hear sad news.  We are shocked!  Best wishes to you all.  What will become of this existing property?  Will it remain same but under new ownership?  Will it be destroyed and replaced with another hotel/casino?  Please let us know.  Be Safe, Stay Healthy during this awful CoronaVirus Pandemic.  Joseph Levi, Prior Guest, Retired Medical Professional - Kaiser Permanente SF

  • What a sad day...Really feeling for the great staff that has been so dedicated to making the Lakeside an enjoyable place to be, a second home for me!  Good luck to all of them in the future times, this pandemic is so sad in how the effect will be life changing...Can I use my remaining comp dollars to buy some Lakeside T-shirts since they are a large part of my wardrobe and of course the memories!!  Thanks for the 35!

  • The closing of lakeside inn saddens us. We've had nothing but great times when visiting. The timbers had the best food on the lake!!! Sports bar had the best drinks, video porker treated us well, and above all, the staff was awesome...always, all departments!! Please pass this on to art howard, as he was a fine ambassador for the lakeside, and i would like to invite him again to stop by and see us on his way to his brother's in bend. I hope he still has access to our home phone number. Thanks for the memories, mike and norma martin

  • I remember my boyfriend Robert MacPherson and I pari had our first date there in the restraunt. We of course had the prime rib. It was 12 years ago. Robert and I are still together. Sadly Robert has sevier COPD. He's a fixture in the community being a master carpenter for Zephyr Cove resort for 15 years and was able to live on site. The staff was amazing as always. Excellent customer service Evey time we were there. Thank you so much for the wonderful memories. We will miss you. Pari Hendricks

  • We will forever cherish the wonderful times we had at Lakeside Inn.

  • So sad, I feel like crying, our favorite place closing, can't believe it.

  • I am so sorry to hear this sad news.  When visiting Lake Tahoe, I always made sure to go and gamble at Lakeside Inn.  Staff is so friendly, food is great and I felt very relaxed there.  Lakeside Inn will be totally missed!!  Sincerely,  Laura

  • We are so sorry to hear this. We stayed a week last year. We had a wonderful time!  We just showed a co-worker today pictures and recommended Lakeside. She was going to look into her birthday trip there this summer.  Well, we wish the best of luck on everyone's future journeys. Not going to lie, super bummed and sad.  Thanks for the great memories!!!!

  • I do not believe that there has ever been a Friendly Poker Room on planet Earth than the Lakeside Inn!  Thank you for the few times that I was blessed to play there.  You will be missed.  Rob

  • I am so sorry to hear this sad news. I have been a customer for a long time and I have always enjoyed bringing friends there to show them the little casino that was so much fun and the restaurant that served great food.  You were a bit ahead of of time by issuing player cards with pictures. I still have mine.  I also loved to play craps with just one dealer. It was great fun because there were no people pushing you around. Sorry to see this happen.  You will be missed. Sincerely Dar Saini

  • We are so sad to see you go.  It was one of the first places we went everytime we went to Tahoe. Your food was wonderful.  Sincerely, Lois and Jon Morehead  Chico, California

  • Ugg... sorry,  we'r had tons of fun there over the years.

  • I am so sorry to hear this. The Lakeside Inn and Casino has always been a special place for my family. Always our go to place in Tahoe. Best wishes to all of you. Nancy Arend.

  • 5 years ago, a small group of old college friends made our very first trip to South Lake Tahoe and stayed at Lakeside. Each morning, we'd grab breakfast before heading out to golf nearby, and then we'd return for evenings filled with memories on the casino floor. We've returned each summer since that first stay - and Lakeside has always felt like home, after all, "life begins at Lakeside!" To all our dealer friends, especially Laz and the craps dealers (and their patience): Cheers and thank you for the memories.

  • I spent my best summer vacation on the shores of this beautiful lake, working in Timblers. I was sure that one day I would come back here, I will surprise great friends that I met with my visit, but not? This is terribly sad news. Tahoe won't be the same anymore. I lost the chance to renew many beautiful memories related to work in this place. However, I am glad that I had the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful team. Love you !  Pozdrawiam / Best Regards  Marcin Sznajder

  • This breaks my heart to hear this. For over 40 years you have been like family. very sad news.

  • Dear Lakeside, I was very sorry to hear about your closing.  I lived in Lake Tahoe for three years 02, 03, and 04.  It did not take long after moving here to find out from the locals where to go for gambling, slots, food and entertainment.  I lived at the mobile home park at the end of the road next to you and did the snow removal In the winter so I was often in there for breakfast and lunch where i would meet with all the other snow removers working in Tahoe to keep our roads clear who would not go anywhere else except Lakeside! Whenever I had visitor's come to see me from So Cal we always ended up at Lakeside after doing the tourist thing at state line casinos.  I've been back to visit friends and Lakeside many times since.  I've also enjoyed your regular  e-mails to me over the years to keep me informed on what was happening in Tahoe and at Lakeside. I will truly miss you all,  the best staff and management in Tahoe !!!  Thanks,  Dale Wright   :-)

  • I had a beautiful stay there last may while they were redoing my roof here in carson city.  My mom remarried in 1977 and here reception was held down stairs then, one of my first Experience there was having the beef stew in the restaurant and later , i took friends to the Timber wolf lounge and the the formal dining area, where i ate three or four times, last year.  I want to thank all the staff asnd praise them for all the kindness and friendship that they offered to me with the most courtesy one could possibly ask for and my graditude to all the chef’s that inspirerd me to experiment in my own kitchen and create some great meals.  I hope you all will get through this time and go forth with the strength we all need now.  Thank you once again for all the great times i experienced at your establishment, i sure enjoy
    The views up there and only wish i could visit you again! god bless and keep you safe, as ever, nancy lowery

  • We are missing you already.

  • Were it not for the clear mess we all face at this moment in time, this would have made another great April Fool’s Day foray. It would doubtlessly have drawn outrage from those with little sense of humor and no latitude for the amazing stunts launched by Lakeside in the past.  One more reason you would be missed ! 

  • Staff and all, I have been coming to Lakeside Inn and Casino for more than 22 years, first with my husband and children then with my adult children. we especially loved the rooms with small balconies on the farside of parking lot. The hot tub was always a big hit because we go in after the Tahoe marathon every year.The breakfast was also a high point, the hash browns and eggs and ever changing counties of origin of server staff. completely charming. we experienced a great stay every single time we came. all of us are in tears tonight, you are such a big part of our happy times. We will miss you, all of you.  Velva Hakim

  • Very sad news.  The Lakeside was always my very favorite place.  My game is craps.  You had the best craps dealers, not only in Lake Tahoe, but in the entire state of Nevada.  What a great group of guys and gals!!!   You will be sorely missed.   Peter Adanalian

  • My family and I are heartbroken to hear that lakeside inn is closing their doors for good. We only live down the street and on our days off it has always been our go to place to eat breakfast at The Timbers. Their daily specials and staff always made us feel welcomed. We were regulars there. We made memories as families there and will forever hold them in our hearts. Warm Regards, Lupe M. Flores

  • I spent a wonderful five nights at your resort around April 15, 2018.   I remember the date because I did my taxes while I was there spreading papers all over the second bed in my room.  “Mix business with pleasure,” I thought.  The pleasure was all mine during a low season between skiing and summer.  The resort was more quiet than usual and the staff members in the casino were patient and kind enough to teach me how to play roulette and how to play sports book for the first time.  Everyone working at the property was very hospitable and friendly from check in to dining.  I was there because I was moving into a new rental home in Ojai, California and the current occupant had not moved out yet.  So I had a week to kill before my place was ready and decided to visit Lake Tahoe for the first time.  The Lakeside Inn provided an ideal resting place for me and I’ve spoken highly of my experience to friends and family.   I wish you well in the future knowing that you have provided warm memories to this traveler and to countless others over the past 35 years.  Dan Weldy

  • There's been a lot of troubling news over the the last month or so, but this one really hurts.  We've been coming up from San Jose to the Lakeside since 1991, 2 or 3 times a year, and never considered staying anywhere else.  It always had a great homey feeling to it, and we got close to some of the staff over the years.  When we had a few hang ups about our 2 day free stay, Pam Wheeler was always quick to straighten it out.  We got to know Luke in the Race Book and in the bar, and Ron and Steve for many years before they started Audibles, where we'd drop in to see them there.  John, in the Race Book was like a friend, and once comped us an extra night, when Echo Summit was closed due to a storm, and even though we were only there for 4 days a year, both Rick and Rich at the Timbres bar would always remember what we liked to drink before going to dinner.  The Lakeside always felt like home.  We will miss it more than you know.  On second thought, you probably do know...We feel so bad about all the staff that lost their jobs, especially at this time, and that somehow things in Tahoe and all over the country will come out of this sooner than later.  Thanks for all the great memories and your kindness over the last nearly 30 years....Marty and Jo Redma