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Storytelling Through Food

July 28, 2017

Throughout history, even dating back to our earliest ancestors, food has been at the center of human culture. Not only do we need it for survival, but it’s during meal time when we share stories, create connections and build relationships with our friends and loved ones. Food is a catalyst for human connection, and it also has the ability to tell us its own story. The flavors of a delicious meal can instantly transport us to the far corners of the world, or provide us a feeling of comfort like a warm blanket on a rainy day. Our team of chefs at Lakeside Inn believes in the power of storytelling through creative and flavorful dishes made from scratch in-house with only the best available ingredients.
Our team of chefs is lead by Executive Chef Alvaro Ochoa. His partner in the kitchen is Miguel Aguirre, our gifted Sous Chef, who has been instrumental in the development, preparation, and execution of many of our food items in both The Timbers and Latin Soul restaurants. Over the years, Alvaro has invested time in developing our talented team of chefs, who all contribute ideas for dishes and have a true sense of pride in what they create. They include Leonardo Rodas, Carlos Gonzalez, Ismael Mora, Samuel Perez, and Samuel Hernandez.
As a team, they take storytelling to new heights by challenging the status quo and putting a new spin on classic dishes. The Latin Soul menu is comprised of Central and South American cuisine that tells a unique story of tradition, with our own special twist of fusion. Sure, we offer delicious nachos, tacos, and burritos, but also unique dishes, like Peruvian Cebiches, Churrasco, and Lomo Saltado to surprise and delight your palate. Upstairs in The Timbers, we take American cuisine to a whole new level, offering everything from classic time-honored dishes to creative and unique cocktails. 
For our breakfast and lunch menus, our chefs keep it simple and offer the staple meals that everyone loves. Inspiration for the dinner menus at both restaurants come from popular trends, the season, the availability of fresh ingredients, and of course feedback from our wonderful guests. Our chefs are always looking for new ways to shake it up and add a mouth-watering new dish to the menu. The testing ground for any new dish idea is to try it out as one of our ever changing daily specials. Based on the feedback from our guests, the chefs decide if the dish makes the cut or meets the chopping block. Sometimes our chefs believe in a product so much that they simply do a tasting amongst the team, make small improvements to perfect the dish, and send the item straight to the menu. 
Whether you’re looking for a table to share stories around with your family and friends or you’re looking for delicious dishes that tell their own story, come visit us at both The Timbers and Latin Soul, two of the best South Lake Tahoe restaurants. You and your taste buds won’t be disappointed. Afterall, Lakeside is always your best bet!

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