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Tahoe's Top 10 Beaches

July 01, 2019

Summer is here and the beautiful beaches of Lake Tahoe await! Below are the top 10 beaches around the lake as told by with a few tips to help your summer travel itinerary. 

1.  Sand Harbor Beach - North Shore

On the East (Nevada) side of the lake lies the 55 acres of Sand Harbor.   As one of the best beaches on the lake, this area has everything you expect including a visitor center, picnic tables, trees and wide expanses of sunny sand, swimming areas (of course) and even a beach and cove dedicated to SCUBA divers. The park also has a boat launch and tow vehicle parking.  Sand Harbor is also the location of the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival each summer.  To Be...?

Hot Tip: Get to Sand Harbor early on summer weekends to get a good parking spot. If you walk along the boardwalk in the middle section of the park, look down toward the water where you might find some hidden beaches that appear when the lake level is low.

Slot Myths: How They Could Be Costing You

June 01, 2019

Superstition surrounds slot machines and can often negatively impact those who place their beliefs in them. Here we are going to break down the top 5 myths about slot machines as told by www.100best

1 – Slot Machines Are Pure Luck

Slot machines are among the most-random games in the casino. You spin the reels and hope that fate shines upon you in the form of a big payout. This random nature leads the majority of gamblers to believe that slots are pure luck. While they’re not entirely off in this belief, slot machines do include some degree of skill. Choosing games with high return to player (RTP) is the main thing you can do to boost your chances of winning. RTP (payback) determines how much a game will theoretically pay out over the course of time.

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