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Camp Richardson

Camp Richardson

So you came to Tahoe to relax. And you really mean it. Here is one that has something for everyone.  Camp Richardson is located on the southwest corner of the Lake.

It was the place where people who had more money than they could spend lived their summers a hundred years ago. The old mansions and outbuildings have been restored, making a leisurely walk through the complexes very enjoyable. Seems like there is always some kind of event going on including a fun Renaissance Faire in June (see event calendar). A special place to see plays and musical performances is the Boathouse. Free dirt parking on the right just beyond town square is a good central location. Or better yet rent some bikes at Anderson’s Bike Rental a few miles before Camp Rich on Emerald Bay Road and leave your car there. The Beacon Restaurant is just down the beach from Valhalla. Decent food, good jazz and great Rumrunners. Their web site is on the above Camp Rich site.

Camp Rich is in the middle of a series of public beaches with great sand. One caution: prevailing breezes blow to the middle of the Lake. Best not to fall asleep in your rubber raft with a beer in your hand. Kiva Beach is dog friendly. Baldwin Beach is the best with close up views of Mt. Tallac. The west side of Baldwin is a popular ski/wake boat hangout, known locally as Ski Beach. Tends to be less windy, especially in the A.M. Glaasss! All of these beaches charge a fee for cars, but that is where the rental bikes come in handy. A nice bike path goes on for miles. Just before Baldwin Beach is the Taylor Creek Stream Profile, where you can look eyeball to eyeball with the salmon. Fall spawning season is very interesting. Nearby is an amphitheater run by the Forest Service. The evening Bat Show is fascinating. The Fallen Leaf Campground just between the Lake and Fallen Leaf Lake is one of the best dry camping spots in Tahoe.

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