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Responsible Gaming


Lon RuskThis is the page where obligatory statements are made as an attempt to address problem gambling. Typically, the industry position is: (1) gambling should be a form of entertainment; (2) if you think you have a gambling problem, pamphlets are available throughout casino areas (actually the Gaming Commission requires this), which might help address your problem; and (3) help is available through twelve-step programs.

While I agree with the sentiment of the above, I do not think that this is an effective solution for the problem gambler. Most players who game beyond their means do not recognize they have a problem. (I can include myself in this category, having been there.) For this reason the problem is never addressed. Or, if it is addressed by the casino, the player simply takes his action elsewhere.

At Lakeside Inn and Casino we believe we have an added responsibility in that many of our guests are local or frequent visitors. Easy access to casinos can intensify the potential to gamble irresponsibly.

Our approach is consistent with our beliefs and values. We strive for personal relationships with our guests. We sincerely care about the welfare of our guests. We want our guests to think of Lakeside as their second home. Our intended relationship is long-term.

I believe the percentage of problem gamblers to the total is small. Most of us have wagered more than we intended on occasion. The problem gambler does this consistently. We have entered informal agreements with some of our guests where their bankroll is voluntarily limited. Others ask to be restricted from casino play, yet continue to enjoy non-gaming amenities at Lakeside. We will cooperate with you in any way you would like to ensure your gambling is fun and reasonable.

There is no magic in dealing with this issue. We are all responsible for our own actions. Lakeside cares. We want to keep it fun.

Lon Rusk

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