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NFL "Pick Five & Dine" Contest

Thank you for playing.  See you when the 2016/17 season begins.  Enjoy the playoffs!

Pick the winners (with the opening point spreads) of the five games listed below. The home team is listed second. Whoever correctly picks the most games wins a free Brazilian Barbecue at Latin Soul. If there is a tie, then the person who is closest to guessing the total points of the Sunday Night Football game wins. If there is still a tie, then one winner will be randomly drawn.

One entry per person. Winner will be notified by email each Tuesday.  The following week's contest will be available Wednesday mornings and picks need to be submitted before 10:00 am PST each Sunday.  Good luck and have fun!

NFL food and drink specials available during all NFL games throughout the season.

Participants must be 21 years or older.  By submiting an entry you are attesting to being 21 years or older. Management reserves all rights to modify or cancel promotion at any time.


Week 1: Robert Cady     Week 2: Bobby Vargas   Week 3:  Roger Smestad     Week 4:  Nick Vlasis     Week 5:  William Reese

Week 6:  Robert Hanley     Week 7:  Scott Blumenthal     Week 8:  Dan Venema     Week 9:  Mike Armstrong     Week 10:  Catherine Reum

Week 11:  Katie Ostrom     Week 12:  Jana Monson     Week 13:  Tristyn Armstrong     Week 14:  Richard Daniels    

Week 15:  Jerrie Reese     Week 16:  Joe Siino     Week 17: Robert Cady

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